Fix Computer Unexpected Shutdown Error

Overheating computer CPU can cause a lot of problem. One common effect is unexpected shut down of your computer. This can be very frustrating as you would have lost all your work done on your computer before you were hit with such unexpected shut down.

So what could cause CPU overheating? One reason is your CPU is not getting enough ventilation needed to cool it down. CPU is often designed with heat sink and fan to help it get rid of heat generated during processing.

How do you make sure you get enough ventilation? First check the outer vents of your PC. Make sure they are not collecting too much dirt. Clean them away if you see dirt accumulated.
Next you would want to open up your PC’s outer casing. Again if you see dirt accumulated at the inner side of the vents, clean the away.

You would also want to check the heat sink and fan for accumulated dirt. Take the heat sink off from motherboard in order to clean it with water. Make sure you dry it thoroughly before you attempt to fix it back onto your motherboard.

You would also want to replace the thermal paste between your CPU and heat sink once you detach the heat sink from CPU. Clean off the old paste before applying new paste onto your CPU.